Monday, October 24, 2011


Finished watching Gossip Girl season four with my sisters this weekend. And I think we're all a little sad that we now have to wait another long while before season five will hit the digital disk! Cannot wait though! It's going to be a long wait. Season four did deliver and leave us with an exciting cliff hanger, though decidedly not as epic as past season finales. Especially that of season three. That was definitely an exciting season end. If you watch, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about, if you don't, perhaps just skip the rest of this paragraph. Chuck getting shot after being robbed was a dramatic season end to say the least. Season four has ended with Blair newly engaged to a prince and about to marry into royalty! What more could she possible want. It's everything she's ever dreamed of. But as usual, a one night mistake holds the possibility of a lifetime changing result! So that will be exciting to watch next season. I am rather disappointed with where Vanessa's character went this season. We are left to forever dislike her as her character slipped into the dark ways that sent Jenny into no fan land the season before. Which is a little frustrating as both Little J and V were characters I used love. Serena is also on the least favourite character list. But somehow Chuck and Nate just keep getting hotter. And Dan is never too hard to take either, though this season did see him make some frustrating decisions.... Anyone would think I was obsessed... haha!

Recently acquired Beyonce's new album, 4. Admittedly I was initially not that impressed with her single Run the World (Girls), but it has grown on me. I do have a slightly biased opinion of Beyonce's music. I do believe she is one of the most amazing singers of this time. B'day and I am... Sasha Fierce are both fantastic albums in my book. And 4 definitely continues to deliver this awesome music that she makes. My favourite tracks on the album would have to be Countdown, Love On Top and I Care. But I can see I'm going to have this album on repeat all spring!

I had my first macaroon on the weekend. My sister is quite into trying new things with her cooking and she decided that macaroons were it this week. They were kind of amazing! Extremely delectably dangerous! I actually consumed the ones in the picture as they were my sisters birthday present for me! How good do they look!? And yes there were some blue ones! Yum!

Just realised there is a theme to this blog that is entirely unintentional!  Have you already noticed it? Not only have I been talking about Gossip Girl season four, Beyonce's album 4 but there are even four macaroons in the picture!

Tata for now!

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