Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Semi Fresh Start

So it's the second day of the new term. A semi fresh start. The beginning of the end. The fourth and final term of the year. The final set of weeks. This time last year I was madly stressing about year twelve exams and uni preferences and the results I may or may not obtain and the effect that this would then have on the year to follow. And here I am. A year later, though it feels a lot longer ago now. And I in no way envy the year twelves of 2011, though I wish them all the best of luck! Try your very best, but don't forget that this isn't the end, it's just the beginning!

So with the new term in mind I think it's about time I became a bit more active with this blogging business. Even if there is no one reading it. There is just something satisfying about blogging. So I am going to try and have a new one at least every three days. I'm telling you this because typing it is like saying it out loud, and saying it out loud gives motivation to follow through.

Over the weekend I ended up in Bendigo for a mystery tour in which we were taken to the Central Deborah Gold Mines where we did a tour and went looking for some gold. You even get to wear those cool head torches, making you feel just like an adventurer. Was definitely an interesting and educational experience in which I learnt I sure wouldn't want to be a miner! We also went to the Golden Dragon Museum which was also very interesting and gave us the opportunity to see some breathtaking craftsmanship. Just wow! The dragons and many other festive decorations and objects made for the Easter parade are so beautiful and festive. And then they have a lot of handcrafted artefacts that have the most amazing detail. Many wooden screens featured this handy work. The picture below is some of the carvings on one of these screens.

Lastly we visited The Zone which was absolutely fantastic fun. We did Go carting, laser-tag and mini golf. I don't think I've been go carting since I was about six. And the last time I remember playing mini golf was on a computer game that my brothers and i used to play obsessively. As for laser tag, that was my first experience of it, and I totally want to go back for another round! Fantastic fun with awesome people. Was a great day!

Last night I sat down to eat some dinner and as I was flicking through the television guide on foxtel I discovered that The Lizzie McGuire Movie had just started on one of the channels. I couldn't help but smile to myself as I made the selection and enjoyed the familiar openeing scene with Hilary Duff singing into a hairbrush in her bedroom mirror along to the Atomic Kitten cover of The Tide is High. This smile wasn't just a reaction to the almost silly-ness of the idea that I as my nineteen year old self would sit down and watch a movie like this all on my own when it is entirely aimed at my thirteen year old self. Nor was it because of this particular scene being funny. I couldn't help smiling because along with this movie comes a whole string of memories, like a portal to eight years ago, to my oh so innocent pre teen-dom. Back to watching Lizzie McGuire on TV and then them making the movie and thinking it was the best thing. I love that movie. I remember the frustrations of not being allowed to go and see it at the cinema. And then finally it was released on DVD. And it was not long after we had finally gotten with the times and bought a DVD player and this was one of the early additions to our library of DVDs. It even came in the special pack with a Kim Possible DVD, another Disney show that was popular at that time. Makes me think of Disney Girl and Total Girl magazines, which I definitely had quite a collection of around that time. I always had a thing for magazines and for some reason even though these two were practically the same thing I chose to spend my hard earned savings on buying both of them! A lot like Miley Cyrus is to the eleven year olds of today, Hilary Duff was an iconic and influential idol of my childhood. Though unlike Miley I don't recall Hilary having many scandalous and controversial stories constantly in the mainstream media. Back then the biggest drama was that Lindsay Lohan and Hilary were "fighting" over.... Aaron Carter? Who they both dated at some point. This slightly concerns me, to think that the eleven year olds of today are exposed to influences like Miley as the acceptable and desirable benchmark. Hilary never let me down as a bad influence. I certainly spent a lot of time with my hairbrush in the mirror singing along to her songs. Why Not was on repeat there for a while.

Anyway, I was just thinking of how funny it is how much of an influence celebrities and characters off of those favourite television shows can be when you're that young. But also the connection they can then have to that period of time in your life, as Hilary has on mine.

Just watched this trailer for Young Adult. I clicked on it because I think the cover picture slash poster looks really cool. Check it out! Looks like a bit of a quirky film. Shall be keen to see that one I think. Happy Feet Two is looking like a rather cute adventure too.

Anyway, I believe that is all for now.
Chow for now!

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