Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Launching Inside Out

So I have a new branch on my blog tree. It's been trying to shoot off on it's own direction for a while now, and there are other on the verge of also spreading out soon, so stay tuned! But for now I will launch Inside Out. This blog branch will be specifically for the expression of the sometimes boring, often pointless and other times very odd little stories, poems and other bits and pieces of writing from inside of my head to outside onto a page, note or document and into this blog! So here we go! Inside Out #001...

Inside Out #001
The Darkness

The darkness, 
peaceful and reserved, 
but full of scary unknowns,
it has the best defence, 
you can never see what's coming, 
the power to blind your straining vision, 
to put you in a straightjacket of doubt, 
of paralysing fear, 
armless and helpless, 
and the only attack of worth is light.

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  1. What lovely hands holding up the frame, they must be the most beautiful arms and hands I've ever seen - J