Friday, October 28, 2011

Breaking Winter

October is so nearly over. And once again I'm wondering where those thirty-one days have gone?!

And as I write this blog I'm trying to work out how I'm not dead asleep right now! After a big night on Tuesday with the early start for work on Wednesday which I have not done in a very long long time... Somehow I'm not asleep. Somehow I wasn't drifting off in class today. And somehow I was still awake at even 11pm last night even though I was running 16 hours on only 3 hours of a recharge! And through all of that my mood has been quite good. So I have come to the conclusion that I need to get back into my habits from earlier in the year! And maybe I was just getting too much sleep. Over the last few months I've been a little bit down and I believe it's because of my lack of a social life that I kind of let take over. Having said that my aim of change is coming along, since my birthday I have definitely been a bit more social. The 2011SLASH2012 Summer mission is definitely to live it up and get out and about more. I feel I've been hibernating and it's been unhealthy. So it's time to fix that and shake the winter off once and for all.

My anticipation of the release of the Breaking Dawn soundtrack and film increases as Christina Perri's new song apparently written with Edward and Bella in mind, A Thousand Years has been released. Not as epic a ballad as Jar of Hearts, the song that has sent Christina Perri high into the charts, but still an enjoyable sweet track. I can definitely see it fitting into the film, and I am rather keen for it. Not long to wait now for both! Extremely keen!


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