Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just Dance!

So I just finished watching a DVD I bought ages ago because it was on sale and kind of looked cool. Fish Tank. And now I'm kind of wishing I didn't buy it. Not my kind of movie at all. It is a highly recommended British film but they obviously have different taste over there. So not one that I would recommend folks. Not sure that I really want to rate it. I'll give it 3/10. Iy's just disappointing and frustrating watching this young girl and her actions and the actions of the people around her. But i've watched it now and I know not to watch it again!

Have just had a fantastic weekend at home with my family. We just bought the new Just Dance 3 which is the most awesome fun you can have with a Wii controller. For those that don't know, Just Dance is a dancing game(now way!) for game consoles where the have choreographed dances for a range of songs and he get to dance them, controller in hand to track your moves, and then it gives you a score as to how well you can do the dance moves. That's probably not the best explanation but if you check out the link  you will get a good idea. It's just fantastic fun and when you've got your sisters and brothers to compete with it's even funner. Would highly recommend it. One and two are also great fun but they have definitely gotten better with each one. And don't forget the exercise that you get from playing, and you don't even realise because you're having so much fun!

Also watched a lot of Gossip Girl Season Four, only two episodes to go now! And I also realised that the date I thought the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Soundtrack would be released, mentioned in my Singing in the Rain post on the 29th of September was an entire month premature! So unfortunately I had thought it was out last week but it is in fact not released until the 8th of November. So I will continue to wait for it's release.

Tomorrow another week begins. But it's not just any week. It holds the last few days, the final hours of my teenage years. All about to come to an end. And I'm one of those people that finds birthdays rather depressing. I had kind of hoped I could just cancel the rest of my birthdays. I guess that's not really possible. Oh well. My birthday will come whether I like it or not, hopefully it won't ruin my week. Apparently there is no stopping time. Time that is only passing faster than anybody really wants it to.


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