Friday, November 18, 2011


So I’ve deviated from the mission of having at least one post every three days. But I have a good excuse! The end of the second semester has been keeping me busy over the last few days. But no more. Cert IV is over! The studying year is over. And I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it’s been nearly ten months since moving to Melbourne and beginning this Bitter Sweet Experience! But it has been that long! And now, today, I have finally submitted the last of the work for the year, just this morning in fact. Right before rushing to the station to get my ticket to finally go home.

So this week, had class on Monday before interviews on Tuesday. Was a bit nervous, but not terribly as I know I’ve done all the work. I had everything submitted except that last brief that I handed in this morning. So the interview went rather well. Hopefully I can continue to up hold the standard that they have come to expect next year! So after the interviews, and of course it being a Tuesday, despite feeling just as keen for a night in as a night out (I’d spent half the day walking and at the gym) it was time for a night out. Though I also needed to finish that last brief and wasn’t sure how I was going to fit in getting it done. Unfortunately it was raining so some didn’t stay out that long, It was a good night though. But I crawled into bed at 4am dreading my 6.30 alarm in only two and a half hours. And sure enough after what felt like a 10 minute nap my phone started playing my alarm of Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback song. After snoozing some more I rushed through the shower and got ready to go and hoped that the tiredness would ware off once I got going. But sure enough even once I was at work for the first hour I was beginning to get stressed at the fact that I think I was nearly nodding off every ten minutes. Don’t know why I didn’t have a coffee sooner but thank goodness when I did it worked it’s magic and the caffeine kicked in and I was feeling not so almost asleep. Thank goodness for coffee! So I was well and truly keen to go home when 5.30 rolled around. And sure enough once I got home I went to bed and slept until 1.30 am. And I think I only woke up because of this stinging nasty pain in my finger, somehow I managed to cut myself in my sleep! Anyway, I had planned to wake at some such hour, since I would have had about seven hours of sleep by this time. Why? Because I needed to get that last brief finished so I could submit it and be finished and get on the midday v-line to get home. So from 1.30 till about 9 I finally got it all finished up along with this other workbook I had to complete for something else. So total freedom was almost felt at this point. After rushing around packing my bag I had a few mouthfuls of muesli before rushing out the door so I could go and submit my work and still get a ticket and get into Southern Cross in time! And I made it, I managed it! Done. FREEDOM!

Was totally cut when I got into southern cross and my favourite coffee shop, Coffee HQ is closed down along with the newsagents! Everything is closed down there on the Ground floor, all these walls are up and about the place there are signs promising “exciting new retailers”. But all I wanted was my HQ coffee! And desktop magazine as I still haven’t been able to get my hands on the latest issue which must have been out a month by now! I was forced to go without the magazine and get a coffee from somewhere else. And it was really disappointing when I took the lid off and the lack of froth on my regular skinny cap! That’s my favourite part, taking off the lid and getting into that froth. And it wasn’t really there at all. Definitely not as good as HQ! I did decide that since I am finished everything I would treat myself to a ham cheese and tomato croissant, which is divine! Gosh I do enjoy a croissant. All that butter!

So now I’n sitting on the train with this wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Like a weight lifted from my shoulders. Though totally exhausted as I realize I’ve already had more than a twelve hour day! Yet somehow I’m not drifting off to sleep… yet.

It’s been nearly three weeks since I’ve been home to the country. And I am so excited to be going home. Have definitely missed the family the last few weeks. Three weeks is a really long time!

Hope that didn't bore you! Thanks for reading if you actually got through it all!

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