Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Volcanic eruption...

So it's final week of classes, and it's a mixture of stress, joy and a tinge of disappointment that the year is so close to being done. But as it draws closer the more I realise there are certainly some things that I'm glad will be ending for a while! So that's where the joy comes into it. Joy that it will be "holidays". And then there is the stress because I have so little time to do many many hours of catch up work to get everything submitted by end of semester interviews next week. So the lesson is kids, stop procrastinating! It really does just amount to a mountain of work and and eruption of stress to accompany it. But you already knew that! You already knew the volcano you were creating when you let the indecision get the better of you and started that contagious bug of procrastination. So yes, I best get back to it!

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