Friday, November 11, 2011


So it's the 11th of the 11th in 2011. A rare date if ever there was one! And I hope this rare dated Remembrance Day has brought you something special and put a smile on your dial as well as given you the opportunity to take a moment to remember.

I'm pretty happy because as you may remember at the beginning of September I mentioned in Where did August go? that I wanted to lose 5kg. So since then I've been on a pretty strict diet, except for sometimes a little break and over indulgence on weekends and plenty of gym sessions. But despite all that after weighing in today I have now finally lost that 5kg! I'm so excited to have finally achieved it! And I really can't wait for my next gym assessment! Which won't be for another week or so yet. But I'm so keen for it. So so keen! So the hard work has paid off! It took a little longer than I had hoped but perhaps it was a healthier pace to have lost the weight in anyway. So there you go! I set my mind to something and I achieved it. And you can do it too! It just takes some serious discipline and will power and you have to really want to do it. But you can, whatever it is that you want to do!

Hoping to get you a bit LINKspired today.

LINKspired #002

SwissMiss posted this Lifecycle video by Holstee and I just found it really inspiring and uplifting so I suggest you view. It's quite gorgeous! Holstee in general looks like a kind of cool site! It's a business that started out with the design of a t-shirt made 100% of recycled material and featured a unique holster pocket.  Clearly into using recycled materials they now have a large range of other items made out of recycled materials! Such as this rather cute and bright upcycled wallet. Worth a look just to admire there innovative creativity!

Designspirtation is full of A LOT of (I'm sure you can guess) inspiringly awesome links to many talented beings work! I came across this poster (or just a card, not entirely sure) that I really like. I love what it says and I love the design!

As always desktop never fails to inspire me! My pick of their posts that shows you this clever crafty paper work to create the design for this arteuparte magazing cover competition. The design is just fantastic! It's by Noelia Lozano, which is worth a look at there work because they make some pretty awesome stuff!

Hope you enjoy those, I sure did!


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