Sunday, January 6, 2013

Why am I awake?!

Why the fudge am I awake at 4am on a Sunday morning when I'm not even out partying?! What is wrong with me?

I was rather sad last night as my Saturday night plans fell through and a depression hit me. Plans falling through is just never fun. Especially at the last minute. But then I did something spontaneous! Well, for me it was. I went for a run! It may sound strange that this is something I'm actually super proud of but I NEVER just go for a run. Like just put on your runners and go. It was actually kind of perfect as the cool change had come through and it wasn't too hot and was actually quite windy. Even did some Yoga! Back at the gym for two days (started back Thursday) after being away for three weeks over the festive season so I can definitely feel every stretch! But it always feels good to be getting back into it. Had taken my runners home for the holidays but honestly they never came out of my suitcase! Though I did sneak a few squats and steps into milking so I didn't do absolutely nothing but a lot less than my usual training. Which I was constantly telling myself was ok. I probably did need to give my body a recovery break as ever since my September 2011 health kick began I really haven't taken many breaks and especially over the last 8-9 months even though my yoga teacher was telling me that I needed to rest. So there! I've rested!

Anyway, then of course as always when I'm exercising I had many ideas running through my mind and was going to come home and do lots of things. Then I got home and decided to watch Ratatouille. (thank you cousin who received the Disney collection box set for Christmas!) And that was it. Nothing else really got done. But I shall have to write a list and hopefully do something about some of it today. If I can function after this rude awakening that has resulted in chats with one of my poor sick sisters and me downloading the blogger app to my iPhone!

Best go back to trying to sleep as I actually do have plans and need to get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow! ... Whoops, today actually.

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