Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday Bliss

So the night was restless to say the least but eventually I was sick of it and got up at about 9 (had set the alarm for half past). This actually worked out really well because I managed to get ready for my Brunch date with two of my favourite people an make a bus (frustrating how buses are so infrequent on Sundays!) which meant everything timed in perfectly and I've just had the best Sunday!

After a glorious brunch with my girlfriends at a cafe I hope we make a regular spot outside in some wonderfully lovely weather I headed on back down to Flinders to venture back home and as I was passing by the NGV the wind was blowing and I was glad I was wearing my cute blue maxi skirt and not a short one. Anyway, was about to pass this girl and she was smiling at me as she exclaimed "your skirt is f#%^ing beautiful! You look amazing!". I was so flattered and thanked as we crossed paths and went on my way with the biggest smile and a lovely fuzzy feeling. Isn't it nice to receive compliments from absolute strangers?!

Then I decided spontaneously to visit the gallery! Be more spontaneous is one of my "new years resolutions" and I wandered through in total awe! It was wonderful. Why have I only bee. There for a function in the past?! I do believe I would like to wonder through there quite frequently! The Ballet & Fashion exhibition is amazing! Along with the other amazing work featured throughout. Inspired to the max! Though I only very briefly went through that one. And by the time I got to browsing the store it was nearly closing time so I didn't get to have the best look in there. There seemed to be a lot of cool stuff and books in that place! Never fear! I shall return.

Had a lovely dinner and evening with the fantastic people I reside with before doing a bit of cleaning and now I'm all settled in with my new Peter Alexander pjs and my ice-cream and chocolate! Bliss!

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