Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Magnificently busy!

Life, as per usual has been busy! Magnificently busy! Of course this is tiring but also fantastic because as I'm sure you've noticed (I know you've been stalking me and reading all my blogs an paying a lot of attention ;) ) I love some chill time and a holiday as much a anyone else but I really do love being busy. In fact if I'm not busy I just feel kind of bad. Practically guilty. Like I'm just wasting time. Though I know its not bad for you and if you can afford not to be working all the time you should make the most of it...

Over a week and a half ago now I went for an internship interview which I'm more than pleased and proud to say that I secured and began the following Monday! Pretty excited and loving it thus far! I feel so lucky to have landed the gig!

Also, thankfully classes have gone back at my gym which is awesome because I've really missed my dose of exercise with the gym crew. I've been back doing my own thing for over a week already but there is nothing like the motivation of a group fitness class with a group of people you just generally enjoy the company of!

It's also been an especially fabulous week as I had two of my favourite people in the world, two of my best friends, two of my sisters come to visit me and join me for some grand fun.

After I put them through their paces with my gym class we went out for some tasty dinner where I tried to give them a bit of culture and try something they wouldn't always have. We had some dumplings and other bits and pieces. It was delish!

We hit up the Australian Open which unfortunately we could only go on the hottest day of the week. On Thursday with a forecast high of 39 degrees or so. We sweated it out court side on show court three despite the fact we weren't moving. It was the hottest part of the day and i still cant believe how hot it was. More than feel bad for all the players who had to play their matches that day! Watched Australian player James Duckworth battle through a 5 set match which after 5 hours and what looked like some painful cramping up he unfortunately couldn't close out the match with the score to his favour. Was feeling a bit sympathetic towards his opponent as he really did begin to cop it from the crowd as the match wore on an to his credit he managed to outlast the abuse and outrun Duckworth to progress onwards. As for the girls and I, by the time the match finished we were glad to go and find some shade. Thankfully our religious, on the hour sunscreen applying for the most part of the day saved us from the sun and we got away with little to no sunburn at all! We watched Del Potro breeze through his unseeded opponent and watched the very end of Gasquets match before heading home. Despite the heat it was still a good day but will definitely be more mindful of such a warm forecast next time!

Friday we made a real day of it and had a breakfast at The Coffee Club, breakfast at noon! A breakfast I will probably dream about for quite some time! It was the Gourmet bacon & egg turkish roll. It was just so amazingly deliciously good! Like tastebud crazy! Possibly because we had it so late and were super hungry by the time we had it! But still, soooo good! We then spent the rest of the day shopping and managed to find some brilliant bargains before the girls introduced me to another amazingly delicious treat... my new love... a frappuccino at Starbucks. I had White Chocolate Mocha one which was quite literally heaven in a cup! Divinely fabulous party in my mouth!

Wow I just love to eat so much! Also had a delish vegetable bagel which was tasty as! Don't think I've ever had a bagel before!

All in all I had the grandest time. Though when my sisters are involved I generally always do. Hopefully they had as much fun as I did!

I then went home with them for the weekend which was nice. I miss my family all the time and just wish there was a way for us to live closer but still live in the places we do. I really love Melbourne but I also really love home!

A bit excited I finally got my hands on the Puberty Blues book by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey and have even already finished reading it! I know it's only a short one but I always feel accomplished after finishing a book no matter how short it is! So I shall finally begin watching the TV series which I bought ages ago and have been making myself wait to read the book.

Also watched My Week With Marilyn which was so beautiful and I just loved it. And also Rock of Ages. I shall elaborate on these in my next The Flave!

I'll leave it there for the moment though I could go on. If you got through all that, thank you for reading!

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