Sunday, January 27, 2013

Talks Like a Gentleman, Like You Imagined...

So yesterday I attended the Melbourne Big Day Out for my second time. Early on hadn't planned to go. Last year was amazing but the line up this year didn't grab me so I thought I'd save my pennies and give it a miss. It was kind of late planned as another friend was super keen for the line-up and after not having gone to any other festivals this season I thought why not. Unfortunately in the end the keenest of my friends wasn't able to join us on the adventures of the day but I am so glad that we had bought tickets anyway. It was fantastic. Just grand times really!

So I now definitely have a few cases of band love going on after seeing both Vampire Weekend and The Killers live I now feel a deeper love for them than I had before. Especially The Killers. The Killers were just absolutely amazing. Even though I wasn't on track with my listening and hadn't taken the time to get tuned into their newer stuff properly... Wow. The lead singer, Brandon Flowers, just had you in this trance the whole time! Could barely take my eyes off him! such a sexy man! And I'll never forget jumping around to their most established works. Mr. Brightside. Which they did open with. And of course Somebody Told Me. Originally I was keen to run over to 360 and catch his last few songs so we planned to leave The Killers early. Then I realised they would be doing When we were young as the closing song and we just had to stay! And I'm more than glad we did. It was probably the highlight of the day. The most memorable of moments. Wowee! The Killers! You've got me!

And Vampire Weekend were good fun and also played fantasticly. The squash of the crowd to get in for them was rather intense but totally worth it!

Shall be getting my hands on as much of The Killers and Vampire Weekend as I can!

We also checked out Sampology, Seth Sentry, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Animal Collective, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Bloody Beetroots rocking it out till the very end an they were pretty bloody brilliant. So for a line-up I wasn't originally fussed on it sure was a fantastic Big Day Out! Great way to spend Australia Day 2013!

Check out my Instagram for pictures. Though stupidly didn't have my phone very hatched and was using the camera very sparingly all day!

Hope yours was as fantastic as mine no matter what you did!

Quite happy with the Triple J Hottest 100 number one, Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Ft. Wanz. And good to see that they also came in at fifteen with Same Love Ft. Mary Lambert which is my favourite song right now. Keen for the CD to come out. It's always a wait that seems to take forever!

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