Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Over Already?!

I can't believe there are literally minutes left of the first month of the year. Time can't seem to run away from us all fast enough!? Needing a few extra hours in my days at the moment. I know I"m always needing such a thing... we all are... I just need to plug into a charger so I can gain some extra power from some extra sleeping that I don't actually manage to have time to do. As always...

Mainly this is a slight problem at the moment as I've just had a pretty busy week and it's not looking any less full until the weekend. Which is awesome, just a tad tiring. But anyway, in case you were wondering, Big Day Out was amazing! Will give a full review in a The Flave Big Day Out special. Also went ice skating for the very first time ever and am super keen to go again! It was rather wonderful! Between all that and Australia Day celebrations, a Wedding and other general happenings of the weekend I'm looking forward to a day of nothing hopefully sometime rather soon. Even managed to finish my second book for the year. One Day by David Nicholls. Proud!

But anyway, I best go to bed! Totally keen for sleep! Chow!

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