Friday, January 13, 2012

The Flave #004

The Flave #004

Tamara Drewe was one of these random DVD's I read the synopsis of on the back and thought 'hey, that could be different'. I was right about this one. It wasn't really weird different. It was a british film. And I think I watched most of it cringing. It was just cringeworthy. Not the acting, just the story. I was baffled by it. And I shan't watch it again! 1/5.

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen was a wonderful read! I really enjoyed the story. It was different to anything I've read in the sense that I've never read a book that detailed life being part of a circus. It was a little dark in some ways and odd. I really loved the main character, Jacob, whom the book was written from the perspective of. And not just because I love the name Jacob. He was just interesting. And the way the story was written, being recalled by the much older elderly Jacob was really sweet. It was all interesting. And I never really got board. I just loved it. Recommend it for sure! 5/5. Super keen to watch the book come to life in the film!

New York, I Love You is a film that has been on my "to watch" list for a long while. I don't recall it ever showing at the local cinema and I've never seen it anywhere on DVD. But it was one that I stumbled across while looking at Rachel Bilson's IMDb profile, because of that same name soft spot thing. Anyway, it must have been fate because as I was checking out what movies were to be on one of the pay TV channels for the afternoon yesterday low and behold there was New York, I Love You set to be on! I got a little bit excited and set it up to record. After viewing I am so glad that I never saw it on DVD and purchased as it would have joined my collection of DVD's that I wish I didn't buy. There were moments that were good but just all together there was something missing. There was a lack of string to just tie the whole film together. It's supposed to be kind of like Love Actually, those kind of movies where it's lots of different characters stories that some how end up sort of intertwining. Well these ones didn't. Most stood alone and the thread that pulled it together in the end just wasn't that strong I felt. And most of the stories sorted of played out at one time and that was it. Though I wouldn't watch it again there was a solid performance by Shia LaBeouf. And if there was more Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more. There was also a cute little story between characters played by Orlando Bloom and Christina Ricci. The best storyline was probably this one about a boy who lost his prom date and ended up going with a method actress, not that he was aware that she was an actress at the time. It's a funny little plot. There was also of course a lot of scenery shots of New York which was kind of cool. But apart from those little things I really wouldn't rate it. I'll give it 2/5.

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