Thursday, January 5, 2012

Inevitable Vision

So I got back to the gym yesterday. Thank goodness. It's going to be rough for the next week or so I feel. Especially when I get back into Yoga. But it's so good to get back to that fantastic feeling you get after finishing a solid workout session. It really is one of the best feelings. And to make things even better I finally stepped on the scales this morning, obviously I was avoiding them not wanting to know if I gained anything from the not only gym holiday but festive season in general! But life is good! I haven't put on anything... though I may have lost a little muscle, but still, no gain was the aim! Success!

Packing up Christmas is rather depressing. I had to put away all the decorations at work the other day and it just made me a bit sad. Christmas is just such a sweet time of year. You spend all year looking forward to it and then when it's over you look forward to it all over again. Yes sometimes it can be rather cheesy, there is always far to much very tasty and guilty bad food around and it is a bit expensive if you go overboard on the gifting. But it's so much fun decorating and spreading cheer, spending that extra bit of time with family, little kids get so excited and enhance the magical appeal of the season and I had so much fun Christmas shopping and working out what to get people! It helps having younger siblings to get super excited about Santa's visit. It's just so sad to pack up all that fun. But I guess if we had it all year round it would be no where near as special!

Despite this the summer holidays are looking pretty awesome right now!

Wishing I needed glasses. Is that sad? Every time I walk past a glasses shop or see someone sporting a stylish pair I just wish I could get some and actually need them. It is rather silly, I'm sure one day when I'm old and grey and sporting some cute specs that I won't appreciate my vision deteriorating one little bit. But right now I would love some. I've always wanted to have them. It's not really because they are kind of in fashion at the moment, though there sure are some super stylish ones around. And I almost feel guilty wishing such a thing because I have this friend who does have glasses and she dislikes them so much that despite her really bad vision without them she prefers to just have them off if she can get away with it! Which is a pity because I think she looks great with them on! Oh well. It's inevitable really. I'm going to need them eventually. Should appreciate my good vision while I have it!

Anyway, I hope that you and your family and friends had a very cheery and safe Christmas and New Year!

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