Monday, July 4, 2011


As if this isn't the coolest little radio you have ever seen!

So my little brother was drooling over one of the toy sale catalogues and telling mum all about how when he's older and moves out that he's going to buy his own Wii. Curious of what he had planned for his older life I posed him with the question of what he was going to do with himself when he moved out of home. His reply was "go to college". Think this Aussie child has played to much of the sims? I then asked him what he was going to do at "college". His reply was "pluses". I thought it was a tad bit cute really! Maybe he can be an accountant!

I have a new food obsession that has become very dominant over the past few days. Raspberry jam on toast. It is the best thing! Especially in this chilly weather. Some nice crunchy toast with a bit of butter and jam, it's just irresistible. It's almost as good as a jam donought! Simply awesome!

Watched Ramona and Beezus this weekend. As a much younger version of myself, back in the days when I had to listen to an audio story every night when I was going to bed. We used to borrow various titles from the library... some that I remember quite clearly were a few Enid Blyton stories from her Malory Towers and The twins at St Clares, Tracey Beaker - Jacquelin Wilson, Pretty Polly - Dick King Smith, Paddy's Pot of Gold - Dick King-Smith and The Exiles in Love - Hilary McKay. And then much later I recall a lot of The Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot. But back to Ramona and Beezus, Ramona Quimby was probably one of the most memorable stories. We would listen to the audio night after night until it was time for the tapes to go back to the library because they were going to be overdue. And I'm pretty satisfied with how they made the stories into a film. Joey King is a gorgeous little girl who plays Ramona quite perfectly. Selena Gomez was cast as big sister Beezus which initially I wasn't very impressed about but she was alright. A bit of Josh Duhamel never goes astray. I'm going to give it a 8/10. Definitely a good one for the younger ones.

Also watched Step Up 3. There were some fantastic dancing scenes. But the film didn't have much else going for it. I feel like there was not enough development of the characters and then stuff would happen and it just.... wasn't fantastic. It had all the cliche's in the dance movie cliche book. 5/10.

Life As We Know It was also viewed. Loved it! Always love Katherine Heigl. And I think Josh Duhamel and Katherine are pretty cute on screen together. There just seems to be the right balance of comedy and romance going on. 8/10.

Continuing to obsess over Adele's album. Pretty much the soundtrack to my mid year holidays.

Been feeling pretty rubbish today. Hopefully not coming down with something!


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