Thursday, July 14, 2011

Woah I, I got a secret

It's been a while. So naturally this one is a bit chunky!

So the holidays are almost over. I feel Monday morning is going to be a slight challenge. As much as I'm keen to get back and see everyone Holidays have actually been pretty fantastic. Trekking back and forth to work and play netball has kept me busy enough that I haven't felt like I'm not doing anything. And going back to work means I've still been able to hit the gym so I don't feel like I've just wasted my holidays eating and not exercising like last time. Going back will be good though. Getting back to a good routine. I've come to realize I really depend on my routine. And I don't like it when my routine is compromised. It makes me quite grumpy actually.

Another thing that is making me quite grumpy at the moment is this horrible cough cold flu thing that I have acquired. My family has had it for aaaaaaggggggeeeessss. All holidays I've come back and forth and not gotten it.... until now. I really hope it doesn't stick around for long. I'm not going to be very functional next week with a cold like this! I just read an article in the latest issue of Frankie Magazine, #42, about Grandma's cures for the cold. So according to this article I need to consume a lot of garlic, put some onions on my feet, have lots of chicken soup and lemon and honey drinks. I strongly dislike honey. So this isn't ideal.... pity it is quite good for you. Guess you can't really substitute golden syrup....

I went shopping the other week to get my little sister a birthday present and splashed out on some CD's. I realized I haven't purchased any music for quite some time! So I spent quite some time in JB HI-FI picking out some stuff. I picked up Seeker Lover Keeper's self titled album. This is a little Australian group made up of a collaboration of three of Australia's talented songwriters Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby and Sally Seltmann. In all honesty before hearing Even Though I'm A Woman on the radio on Triple J and investigating who might sing this tune and listening to their other songs on iTunes I hadn't really thought I'd heard of the latter two girls. Upon further research I am familiar with some of Sally's music such as Dream about Changing but i don't think I've really heard Holly's before. Sarah Blasko I have definitely heard of, perhaps my favourite song by her would be We Won't Run. Anyway, the Seeker lover Keeper album is pretty fantastic. Even though I'm a Woman and Light All My Lights are definitely my stand out favourites.

So also While in JB HI-FI there was a table of ten dollar Albums from which I grabbed Paramore's All We Know is Falling album which I've been meaning to grab for ages, and then Justin Beiber's My Worlds album for my little sister's birthday. Then The Script's Science and Faith which I was kind of excited to grab because I got to the counter with my other stuff and was told that I was able to get another one off the ten dollar table for free! Both are good. Haven't picked anything other than the obvious favourites of For the First Time, You Won't Feel a Thing, Nothing, If You Ever Come Back, Science & Faith, Dead Man Walking and Walk Away. Okay so I may have just listed more than half the album. I do quite enjoy The Script. Paramore's I don't feel I've listened to as much yet but I do enjoy Emergency and Whoa... they're all pretty good though. I got a bit excited when I was out the other night and they actually played Mysery Business!

I honestly still resort to Adele's album though. I'm infatuated!

Over the last few weeks I've watched a few movies. Another few purchases at JB HI-FI. Reckon they should just about sponsor this blog post! Damages were about $66 for two DVDs and four CDs. Anyway, I bought Charlie St Cloud and The Pursuit of Happyness. Charlie St Cloud was really good. Can't really go past a bit of Zac Efron! I was quite unsatisfied when it ended though. It was a bit confusing and I felt like there should have been more. It didn't feel like it went for that long... About a 3.5/5 And then The Pursuit of Happyness. I think I'll have to watch it again. I think I missed some little bits just from lack of concentration. But overall I thought it was quite good. A touching story. And really I just wanted to adopt will Smith's son at the age he is in the film. He is just way to cute! You can't really go past Will Smith either! 3.5/5.

Finally got a haircut today! Wow! Why didn't I get one so much sooner! I feel like it's been more than a year since I've had one! It feels so nice and neat and tidy. Feels soooooo much better. It's funny how something that you can't really feel, like a haircut, can feel so good. Fresh!

Had a big day shopping yesterday. I feel like I spent a lot of money but I don't think I actually bought anything that wasn't on sale or a special. So I guess that's ok. But I will tell you all about that in the next one. Off to get caught up on Offspring!

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