Friday, July 22, 2011

Go on and take it, take it all with you

This morning I definitely walked out the door with a smile on my face. It's the first morning I've actually walked to uni. My first day back I was told that I should accept the ride offered to me and the second one I thought I may as well take another ride since it was available. But it was so nice to walk again this morning. I realised just how much I enjoy the walk. I probably enjoy the one on my way home a little more than on the way but the are both a part of my day that I look forward to.

Yesterday morning wasn't quite as smooth as this morning. I jumped out of bed at 7.30. I was supposed to be up at about 6.30 to be ready for work comfortably. I did have alarms set... and did the whole turn it off.... "I'm sure I can afford just a few more winks". I even remember dreaming getting up just a little bit too late and then being in a hurry getting ready in that short time.... but it wasn't as little time as I actually had when I got up! I literally leapt out of bed and stood in the doorway of my room contemplating my options. I hurriedly threw on some clothes and brushed my teeth and didn't quite manage to grab breakfast before heading out the door. Don't plan on doing that one again for a while! Definitely got up to my alarm this morning!

So after this hurry out the door for work on Wednesday by the time I got home at five-ish I hit the sack intending to grab a few winks before getting up in an hour or so to have some dinner and of course I needed to watch Offspring.... luckily my aunty woke me at 10.30pm otherwise I probably would have slept right through! So I got up and had some food. Caught up on Winners and Losers from the night before and then watched the season final of Offspring, recorded from just hours before. I loved it! So glad she chose Patrick! So sweet! But then ohmygosh! Next season is going to be intense! Definitely going to miss it being on. Might have to go and get it on DVD to prevent withdrawals!

On Tuesday I went into the city with some friends. It was quite fantastic. We had some lovely Thai food which included some amazingly awesome fried rice and a rather tasty crocodile stir fry with lemongrass. Have never had crocodile before! So that was a new first. Was interesting. The meat itself looked kind of strange. And it was kind of chewy. But I liked it. After our Thai we headed off to this nice little bar/restaurant on Bourke Street. We were looking for Madame Brussels but we didn't quite find our destination... we don't think. Fantastic night anyway. Love the city. It's so pretty at night time! Only down side to the night was heading home in a taxi, got a separate on to my friend so was on my own and this cab driver was t h e   s   l   o   w    e    s    t     cab driver EVER. he told me he's only been doing it for a month. No wonder he was so slow. But seriously. Cab drivers are usually zippy. Sometimes a little scary zippy. Well this one was just slow scary. Was so relieved when it was over. Except for the extra cost of the trip because of his slowness. It really bothered me a lot.

Apart from my cold first week back has been good. Good to see everybody again. I've even decided to go a bit healthier and changed from my sugary nutri-grain to muesli. Really didn't have any patience left after drawing on Tuesday though. it was a killer of a frustrating class. Apart from that the other classes haven;t been a big stress. it's nice going to classes when they're new, no homework, not knowing what the class will involve is kind of nice. But it's only possible for it to happen once at the start of the semester. So those classes have all been used up now. New briefs. New homework. And so it all begins again! And I am genuinely happy that it is beginning all over again. It's been nice to get back to my routine. I find it so satisfying.

I've come to realise that happiness lies in even the smallest of successes, the little accomplishments of the day. Every time I finish my gym program for the day, or even just get through another ten minutes on the treadmill I feel like that is an accomplishment I can tick off my achievements for the day. I think you've got to appreciate those little accomplishments.

Anyway, just finished watching the second season of Gossip Girl before and am about to begin the third. I love Gossip Girl and I especially love the last few episodes of the second season with the flashbacks of Lily when she was younger and then totally unrelated, finally Blair and Chuck getting together.

ex oh ex oh

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