Thursday, July 28, 2011

myStyle/$pent #001

So it's been a long time coming. Well.... a few weeks now. But I have finally put together a sort of sub blog I guess you may call it. Not sub... branch.... maybe it's a branch growing off my blog. And I have a blog tree that will soon have some other branches? Yep. I'll go with that for now. So this new branch to my blog is called myStyle/$pent which is to document and share my style and the damages in spendings with you. From clothing to decorations, my obsessions and sometimes dislikes on the items I choose to use as a form of self expression and a way to decorate my life. Basically an excuse for me to play with layout and further share my thoughts on fashion and such things.

So here it is. Drum roll please...

myStyle/$pent #001, July 2011
The beginning! Page one, the first leaf on this new branch!

1. I am totally loving leg warmers at the moment. Like totally besotted with them. So I decided to purchase a few more pairs! Makes me think of early 80s, dancers and aerobics. Especially like Alex in Flashdance. Send me to the 80s! Maybe that's why I love leg warmers so much, because I wish I was a dancer.  
2. Decided I needed another hat in a different colour so I don't always have to go grey. Throw some red into the mix. 
3. Was quite happy when I found JayJays had massively reduced their leather jackets. There pretty cute but I wasn't to keen to pay full price for them. Then again, I'm never keen to pay full price for just about anything. Stingey is pretty much my middle name. 
4. Finally purchased a pair of what I call "combat-ty heals". And I'm quite infatuated with them. Exactly what I wanted.
5. Don't know why it's taken me so long to get some of these full length tights. It's been on the list for a while! Tick! Such a staple in my wardrobe now.
6. Was pretty happy with this cheap as skirt. Love the pattern. And the zips of course! Always loving the zips!
7. Since my uggs have fallen apart I've been slipper-less for a while. Problem solvered.

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