Friday, June 7, 2013

LINKspired #012

Just read this article about designer Dieter Rams,  and his philosophy in his design work where Good Design is as Little Design as Possible and was rather inspired by it. I'm now actually making a poster based on his ten principles to "good design" featured in the article.

Made Chocolate chip Cookie in a cup a few weeks ago and I'm so addicted to this one! Totally delish!

Pretty excited to find out tomorrow what has been voted as the Triple J Hottest 100 of 20 years! Go and check out the history of it all! It's so cool you can go and check out the entire archive and check out what was going on in the music scene since 1993.

Scrolling through Lovely Stationary and came across these delightful designs. The James Hotel. Love the patterns in the variations of the backs of the cards. Heart Affair. Love the retro feel to this identity. Science. There is just something about rounded corners that does it for me! And the blue is just gorgeous!

Totally keen to see The Great Gatsby! The Art Deco style identity of the typography they have used is gorgeous! Read about it over at desktop. Aaaand over at Like Minded Studios on Behance. So Striking and pretty!

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