Thursday, June 27, 2013

Craving crazy!

As I was working away on placement yesterday as it hit early afternoon I had the most bizarre food craving. Not because it was a crazy food combo like peanut butter and celery or even corn and Nutella sandwiches which was one I heard on Triple J yesterday. Not was this craving something wickedly sweet and rich like a Lindt chocolate ball or a tasty baked New York cheesecake like I would typically long for at any given moment. Hungry yet? If you are this may just put you off! I was in fact craving a piece of homemade bread (normal right?) all soggy in home made vegetable soup! No idea where that came from except that it reminds me of how much I miss home with the family. Must miss it a lot since ten years ago I definitely turned up my nose at both aforementioned foods and my eleven-year-old heart would have sunk when it was announced that this was in fact on the menu for dinner. It would have been a painful twenty minutes for Mum as after we had gobbled down the bread dipped in the soup she would have to persistently stand her ground and make sure my siblings and myself consumed our ten mouthfuls of soup before we could
Have anything else for dinner! Screwed up faces would mumble 'what's in this?' As other sour faces were made as the ridiculous effort went into swallowing this disliked bowl of nutritious (and I will tell you now also absolutely delicious) soup. 'Well I made it with lots of love' Mum would respond.

Oh how times have changed. Kids are so funny! Sorry Mum!

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